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The Village Collection

We understand that building a new home is exciting to watch, although, the builder does have rules and requirements that you must observe. 

The agreement requires you to make an appointment

with your builder’s representative who must accompany

you onto the property. At no time should anyone enter

the site without their builder’s representative. Visits are

Saturday and Sunday at a time convenient for your rep,

unless otherwise specified.

The government’s OSHA safety requirements and the

builder’s insurance company require that ONLY qualified

construction personnel are allowed on the job site during

construction of the home. The home and property are

not safe to enter until the site is properly graded,

trenches filled, and the home is plastered and has the proper access stairs and handrails installed – and still not during construction hours.

All questions regarding the home under construction are usually answered by looking at your written agreement. Anything not specifically ordered and paid for cannot be done, nor can changes be made after the agreement.



Helpful Reminders: 

Sales people cannot change your contract with the seller. 

Please, make the appropriate plans to handle your move. Here’s a few tips: 

1. There are moving companies that will put your furniture in a truck and store it in the truck or a warehouse if

your move cannot be coordinated.

2. There is no early move-in, or storage, allowed on the builder's property.

3. Hotels in the area can accommodate your needs, especially extended-stay hotels.

4. Our building plans remain our property , only marketing plans are available.



Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, 

Fafard Real Estate

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